Reviews from our clients

“We just wanted to let you know that my son is completely dry now! He’s even off the sensor. It started working within the first week. Following weeks it woke him up every night for about four weeks. He went to the bathroom himself and changed everything himself went back to bed and set it himself. After four weeks he slept right through without making a wee until now. We eventually stopped using the device. We are still keeping an eye on him though but its still a celebration for him every morning. Lol. He says he can go on sleep-overs now. We are all so proud of our boy and he is so very proud of himself too. Walking around with broad shoulders ever since the Eclipse worked. Thank you so much again.  I wish we knew about it earlier. We were pretty desperate when I contacted you. I remember I was almost in tears when I first spoke to you.”

Happy Mom, Cape Town, South Africa

“We’ve been using the Dri Sleeper Excel for almost 4 weeks now and it’s amazing – we’ve gone from completely full nappies/wet bed and washing everyday to dry and either waking without the alarm or sleeping dry right though the night. Highly recommended!!!!!”

Tracy Lynch, Australia

“Third night on the device and my son was dry this morning. If you told me this could happen I never ever would have believed you. The previous night he got up by himself went to the loo and changed everything himself. This morning he was dry. For the first time in yeeeeears!!!!! We were celebrating this morning. You should see the change in his personality this morning. My big boy!! He really welcomed and needed the help and said “mommy I hope this will work” We’ll continue with it and will monitor it. I just wanted to say…Thank you so much. Best device ever!! Kind regards.”

Cape Town, South Africa

“I wanted to give you feedback on this little miracle machine. Tanya was dry after 2 weeks, we did another 2 to be sure without any accidents and she is now FREE from wetting her bed. THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!”

North Coast, KZN, South Africa

“I just wanted to write you a thank you note. I have three kids, ages 14, 11, and 8 years old. I ordered two DRI Sleeper® alarms about eight months to a year ago. My middle child and my youngest were wetting the bed in the night. We were exasperated about what to do. We have tried all kinds of drills to get our kids to stop wetting. When we received the DRI Sleeper® we immediately had our kids using them. I am amazed to say that both of them have completely stopped wetting the bed. I can’t believe it. It only took about three weeks for them to be completely free from this problem. They are both as happy as can be that they have stopped wetting the bed. They were so proud and so were we. We have tried other alarm products with very limited success and no long-term success. The design of your product was an immediate success. The small alarm attached to their shoulder was their ticket to freedom.”


“I am not aware of one case in which the method was not eventually successful. It is a safe, non threatening, highly acceptable and simply very successful concept.”

Dr J W Jerram MB ChB Dip Obst, Nelson, New Zealand

“I purchased the product back in July and started to use it on my seven-year-old son in August. Well, November 10, and he has not used it in almost 4 weeks. He is so proud of himself and has not had a wet bed. I was very weary about using this on him. But I’m glad I took the plunge and did it. Thank you so much for helping children like my son.”


“Amazing!!  The first two weeks were slow, with a couple of bedwetting-incidents, but we persevered.  My daughter desperately wanted it to work.  Now my daughter, who hasn’t had a dry bed since baby, has now gone a full month since the last time she wet her bed.  Absolutely wonderful as I can already see more confidence in her. I just wish I’d known about this product before.  Thanks for your assistance with this.”

Juan, South Africa


“I am writing to tell you that the DRI Sleeper® worked wonderfully on my son. It took him only 2 weeks. We are so proud of him and more importantly, he is proud. I can not thank you and your company enough. Best of luck to you all and again, THANK YOU.”

B Cozzolino, IL, USA

“I would just like to thank you for all of your help and support. My daughter Ava has now been dry for 8 weeks, I’m so glad I stuck with it. We are both very happy with the result and didn’t think we could make it this far. Persistence was definitely the key to success. I would totally recommend this to any parent.”

Ashley Phelan

“When I can change a child’s feelings of self esteem as easily as I can with a DRI Sleeper®, I believe I can fully endorse a product. DRI Sleeper® helps thousands of children and saves heaps of therapy.

Dr Sylvia Rimm PhD, Director of Family Achievement Clinic, The Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, Ohio, USA”

“Our seven year old daughter is a very heavy sleeper. Her dry nights were a rarity. We found Dr. Page’s Eclipse wireless alarm online in August. After two weeks of use it became effective. Our daughter stayed dry 3 weeks with one relapse. We continued using the alarm two more weeks and then removed it. Her nights have been dry ever since. We are very grateful to have found this wonderful tool. We recommend this alarm to any person having a bedwetting problem. Thank you so much Dr. Anthony Page, for your great creation.”

Grateful Parents, Mike and Lina

“I just wanted to let you know that you have another satisfied customer. J, my eight year old boy is now dry. It took about four months and now he is always dry. It has really helped his self-esteem.”


“DRI Sleeper® gives great benefit to our patients. We are thrilled with the results.”

Carmel Burns, Rehab. Centre, Bathurst, NSW, Australia

“We used DRI Sleeper® on our second son and it worked like a miracle. Thanks heaps!!”

B M Don, New Zealand

“Last weekend my daughter had another sleepover with the same best friend. They even had a drink and snack before bedtime and the night went perfectly. To see her have the freedom and the ability to control her bladder is priceless to me. So from the bottom of my heart, as a mother and from my daughter who said, “mom don’t forget to write a great review for Dri-sleeper!!” Thank you and God bless.”

Allene, Canada

“Congratulations on a wonderful product – a God send to bedwetters and their families.”

C Witheriff, Gold Coast, Australia

“I know you must get thousands of thank you letters from grateful parents, but I just had to let you know how grateful I am. After almost 10 years of my son wetting the bed every night I was sceptical of your product but decided it was worth a try. I’m happy to say it actually worked. My son has no clue how it worked, but I can see the joy on his face every morning. After over a month without an accident he still wakes up and says (with a smile on its face) “I don’t think I will ever wet the bed again.” I can’t tell you how happy he is and I am. I will definitely spread the word of your product to any parent I know who could use it. Thank you so much for a product that really works.”


“I am very glad that I did the research to find DRI Sleeper®. I am a doctor and our hospitals and outpatient units are using the mat with alarm attached to the pyjamas by wires to assist children with bedwetting I think the DRI Sleeper® system is far superior (and the testimonials would suggest this too). In future, I can happily recommend DRI Sleeper® as an alternative.”

Dr Penelope Willcoxson, Sydney, Australia

“I purchased a dri sleeper alarm for my 6 year old daughter, who wasn’t at all toilet trained during the night. It took 5 weeks to become consistently dry and we continued for another 4 weeks to make sure. Had great success so I thought I would drop a quick note to say thank you and what a great product.”

Jayne Bittner, Australia

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