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Ecobabe South Africa, the importers and distributors of the Anzacare DRI Sleeper® alarms, was formed in 2009 after its founders recognised that there was a desperate need for natural alternatives to the medical interventions available in South Africa, at the time. The Valley Electronics range of  Lady-Comp Fertility Computers formed the foundation and inspiration behind the company. Not long after, in 2010, Ecobabe secured importers rights to the Anzacare DRI-Sleeper Bed Wetting Treatment Alarms and more recently, in 2015,  Kanga Care Modern Cloth Diapers joined their portfolio.

“Our goal is to provide South Africans with unique, high quality, eco-conscious products, keeping us on a par with international trends in health and wellbeing.” Ecobabe Manager, Lauren Karlin.

Anzacare Limited, based in New Zealand, is the designer and manufacturer of the DRI Sleeper® alarms. The company was established 35 years ago by clinical psychologist Dr Anthony Page, a renowned bedwetting treatment expert. Since that time, the team at Anzacare have helped hundreds of thousands of children worldwide overcome their bedwetting problem. They understand what parents and children go through when they decide to treat bedwetting because members of their team have had first-hand experience of the problem with their own children. Anzacare is committed to providing you and your child with the guidance and support you need during treatment with their alarms.

 “Each year we conduct an independently audited customer survey to gauge the effectiveness of our alarms and we can say with confidence that DRI Sleeper® alarms have a 90% success rate in treating bedwetting. You can be assured that our alarms are a well-priced investment in your child’s health and happiness.” Anzacare, NZ.

The DRI Sleeper® eclipse and DRI Sleeper® excel are registered as, and compliant with, medical device regulations in Canada, UK, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. In addition, Anzacare management systems are independently assessed and certified annually by SGS as meeting the internationally recognized standards of ISO13485 for design and manufacture of medical devices. SGS is the world’s leading certification company recognised as global benchmark for quality and integrity

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